Mental Wellness for the Masses

Mental Wellness for the Masses

Bite-Sized Wellness Sprints for Every Aspect of Your Life

Your Mental Wellness Needs a Boost

In today's fast-paced world, the pressures of balancing work, family, and self-care are mounting, compounded by the financial squeeze of inflation on everyone's budget. On top of that, time and resources for traditional wellness interventions are becoming increasingly scarce. That's where our 14-day Wellness Sprints come in. You can now get access to a practical, step-by-step path to enhancing your well-being for every aspect of your life. Embark on a journey of self-improvement and wellness, 14 days at a time, and experience the transformative power of dedicated self-care without committing to long-term therapy or paying hundreds of dollars.

Deeper Understanding
Deeper Understanding

Each kit will help you discover the impact of your unique challenges,  connecting you instantly to insights that will provide you with the clarity you need to move forward.

Bite-Sized Wellness Exercises
Bite-Sized Wellness Exercises

Each 14-Day Wellness Sprint is packed with easy-to-follow, 15-minute exercises designed to propel you towards the next stage in your personal development journey.

Sustainability Plan
Sustainability Plan

Finish up your 14-Day wellness experience with a tailored plan that ensures the longevity of your results and keeps you on the path to continuous wellness personally or professionally.

Small Shifts=Big Wins

Join a community of people just like you who are taking control of their mental wellness. Take action today and check out these testimonials.

No More College Stress
No More College Stress

I was struggling during my first year in college and now I feel less stressed and worried about my future.

-B. McNeal

Dealing With a Toxic Boss
Dealing With a Toxic Boss

My toxic boss was horrible, but now I know how to set boundaries and address his bad behavior right away.

-K. Jacobson

Tech Was Taking Over My Life
Tech Was Taking Over My Life

I spent over 3 hours a day on social media, but now I'm down to only 45 mins. I feel much more energetic than I did.

-B. Thompson

I'm Setting Boundaries with Family
I'm Setting Boundaries with Family

I was dealing with a lot of family stuff. Now, I step away when the drama starts, without feeling guilty. 

-R. Bosko

Featured Well-Being Booster Kits

Take charge of your mental wellness and embark on a journey to reclaim your peace and rediscover the joy in your life.

Recovering from Post Traumatic Job Disorder

Recovering from a toxic work environment? Learn how to heal and move forward.

Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Learn how you got into your toxic relationship and how to leave healthy and whole.

Recovering From Fake Friendships

Learn what to do once you realize that one or more of your friends doesn't really like you.

Tech Addiction Detox

Can't put the phone down even if you tried? Get back on track and unplug from your tech addiction.

Access 14-Day Wellness Sprints on Any Device

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Frequently Asking Questions

What is Live Sosh?

Live Sosh is dedicated to ensuring everyone can lead socially healthy lives. Our mission is to democratize mental wellness resources, transforming complex psychological and therapeutic concepts into digestible, bite-sized 14-day Well-Being Booster Kits. These kits are designed to fast-track your journey towards improved mental wellness, making the path to a healthier mind accessible to all.

What's included in the Live Sosh membership?

A Live Sosh membership grants you exclusive access to our comprehensive wellness vault, featuring an array of 14-day Well-Being Booster Kits tailored to tackle the everyday challenges encountered in relationships, family dynamics, career growth, academic achievement, self-esteem, and beyond.

Do I need to have a membership to access a Well-Being Booster Kit?

No. You can still access our kits by purchasing them individually at $10 per kit. 

Can I request a topic that isn't currently in the wellness vault?

Certainly! We encourage our valued members to suggest new topics for our Well-Being Booster Kits, supporting their ongoing personal development journeys.

This privilege is exclusive to our existing customers as a way to give back to our dedicated community and those who have supported us. If you're not currently a member, you'll need to join us to take advantage of this personalized service.

How do I cancel my membership?

For monthly plan subscribers, cancellation is straightforward—simply cancel before the start of your next billing cycle to avoid further charges.

Yearly plan members have the flexibility to cancel their renewal at any point, maintaining access to the wellness vault until the end of the current subscription period. Please note, cancelling an annual membership ahead of its renewal date does not qualify for a prorated refund.

I have a question that wasn't answered here, who can I contact?

Simply email us at

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